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Free initial survey and proposal

There is a wide choice of designs we can go for, however we need to be realistic about what's possible for your space, goals and budget. WE INVEST in your planting and you pay us a small fee per unit for to have the displays on site in top condition. So it's important we get it right; meeting your needs along with the technical, practical elements of interior landscaping. The limiting factors will narrow down choices  such as budget, light and disturbance levels. Client preferences will always be paramount in the proposed scheme.
We will always listen to the client preferences and find a planting solution to meet expectations.

The Hire Agreement 

Most companies will tie you into a 3 year contract, which will work in their favour if they provide poor service. VIP is different. No fixed term contract, all we prescribe is an agreed notice period which decreases from 3 months in year one to 1 month at the end of year 2. When you consider it takes 2 years to see a return on our investmnent, this keeps the pressure on us to provide the best, most cost effective way of greening the office.

Cleaning,  Pruning and pest control

Plants need cleaning like the office furniture ! Only with specialist cleaners and foliar feeds. We will cut out the aging leaves, prune any fast growing plants to stay on top of the preferred growth habit. Unwelcome visitors will find your plants at some point, we can deal with flies and mites before they become a nuisance, using the latest organic and biological methods.

Potting & Fertilizing

Feeding and accommodating the desired plant in the desired planter is the tricky bit, we use a range of plant feeds, sometimes our plants are hydroponic , ie, soil-less, this allows for larger specimens in smaller planters. It also gives us more control over nutrients accessible to the plant at speed should the plant need extra Magnesium or calcium for example quickly.

Plant replacement

Occasionally it is necessary to replace plants, sometimes they struggle in a location, sometimes they simply mature and lose their vibrancy and we just feel they look tired and want a fresher plant in its place.  ALL REPLACEMENTS, REGARDLESS OF REASON, ARE FREE OF CHARGE

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