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"Right plants for the space is everything"

We often go out quoting, disappointed by the limited choice of planting used by our competitors and the lack of voluntary upgrades. If you're looking at this website to make a change, you probably have several single species of plant sat in old fashioned plastic or stainless steel pots from 1989. Below are a few examples of plants we use and why. In a typical 20 unit installation, we would expect to use 15 different species.   



Scindapsus columns

Max out on leaves that never drop , this unit is standing 2.5m tall, neat , discrete footprint but noticeable from all directions. Its interesting that we see an increasing amount of competitors copying our designs, and this style is appearing more and more - wont be at our rates though ! 

Scheffera Amate

This big boy is used in a space where there's only one location suitable for a planter, so we decided to go big so as not to diminish impact, Its actually a hydroponic, so not growing in any soil, by dry clay pellets that get wetted by our specialist feed. My bag was left in the pic for scale, but it also shows just how much kit is needed to maintain professional displays.



Golden Pothos

One of the brightest of the internal ivy we use as both underplanting bigger plants and stand-alone plants in tabletop displays. It's a fine line between looking stunning and being water damaged, luckily, we know what we are doing to make sure it will impress ! 



This common and popular plant is a fave for barrier planting, it grows evenly and its upright habit means that it wont get in the way, as often its used behind seating and due to its regimented business uniformity you'll often see it near company logos, reception areas etc. The ones in the pic are freshly planted , but will grow twice that height in that scenario. 

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