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Simple clean lines and striking forms of planting

Smart design, clever positioning and significant planting is very cost-effective, our competitors will want to offer more units giving the impression you are getting more at a lower rate per unit. Before you decide , ask for a pic of the proposed units in a setting where you can see scale. 3 little units at £2.40 per week each don' t get the wow factor, may not even get noticed, one striking unit at £3.90 per week will set the tone and achieve the aim of having the planting present in the first place for half the cost.

This particular unit is very large at 8' tall by 3' wide yet conceals nothing, is not an obstruction , yet compliments and really enhances this modern space, for another space with different issues, we might go in a totally different direction , but still based on the principles of appropriate design and achieving the wow factor on a minimal discreet budget.

I had a lovely message from the client the following week saying thank you for meeting their deadline and what an amazing difference the planting has made to the refurbishment. At the time of posting this update, another unit has been added at their request in another area now that they see the design benefit.

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